Cool Resources

Interested in learning how to make a lanyard, including the supplies you will need and the steps you should follow?  Click on one of the links below to access the helpful instructional slideshow: A Quick Lesson in Lanyard Making:  Erin's Dream Lanyards: 

Want to know more about neuroblastoma?  Click on this link to download an informative pdf file (one page):

If you want to tell your friends about how Erin's Dream Lanyards got started and why people around the country and around the world support this fantastic project, click on this link to download a one-page pdf file with this heart-warming story:

Curious about Erin?  Trying to tell others about her?  It's hard to capture Erin in a couple of words, and most people can't read seven years of webposts that aptly illustrate her love of life.  This two-page biography helps tell her story.  Click on this link to download a two-page pdf, 

You may need a flyer highlighting the essentials of Erin's Dream Lanyards.  Click on this link to download a one-page Word document with a photo of Erin and a photo of some finished lanyards she made along with the essential information about this initiative.  This document works best printed on photo paper:

Have you thought of a resource you wish you had but isn't available here?  Email Vickie and I will try to help.