Tuesday, December 14, 2010

End-of-Semester Celebration and Beadfest

Friday, December 17, 2010
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
My House (email for directions: vbuenger@mays.tamu.edu)

We are making lanyards this Friday to benefit the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation. It is art/cause/party, but mostly a chance to get together, have fun, and help others. We will string beads to make lanyards, celebrate the end of the semester and the approaching holidays, and start to get ready for two BIG lanyard sales in February. As always, you can bring your favorite snack to share . . . and, of course, a friend!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Perfect Teacher Christmas Gift!

Are you wracking your brain for the perfect gift for your pre-schooler, K, or 1st grader's teacher this year?  Looking for something besides an apple-themed knickknack that will get lost on the already crowded desk?  If your school requires ID badges, choose an A-B-C lanyard.  Or, we have the same theme in necklaces.

Click on the Place an Order button above.  Customize your order by choosing your school colors or your child's favorite colors.  Specify lanyard or necklace.  Price: a donation to the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation of $20 or coordinate with a friend and get two for $30.  

Not only will a lanyard solve your gift-giving dilemma, but 100% of your purchase price goes to finding a cure for pediatric cancer.

You can customize by choosing your school's colors or your child's favorite colors.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Odd Friday in Seguin!

Tomorrow is an Odd Friday, but most of my usuals may not want to come to Odd Friday Lanyard Workshop.  I will hold it at Seguin High School, which is only a two hour and forty-five minute drive from here.

I am thrilled to get the invitation to share the lanyard project with the Health Science students in Seguin.  I'll tell you all about it when I return. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

EDL Visits Washington D.C.

Jana McBroom has participated in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day in Washington, DC for several years. This year she sported an Erin's Dream Lanyard and has kindly agreed to be a guest blogger. Thank you Jana for all the hard work you do!!

I recently returned from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day in Washington, DC (www.the3day.org). At this event, the participants walk 60 miles over the course of 3 days to raise money and awareness in the fight against breast cancer. The “3-Day” is held in 14 cities across the United States.
This was my third year participating in this event. The first two years I participated as a walker. This year I decided to see the event “from the other side” and participated as a crew member. I also thought it would be fun and interesting to go to one of the other cities, so I chose Washington, DC. The DC event had approximately 2,000 walkers and 350 crew members.
As a crew member, I was placed on a “pit stop” crew. The route is well marked for the walkers with stops every 2-3 miles. Pit Stops have water, Gatorade, snacks, medical (to treat blisters or any other issues) and the beloved Porta Potties. There are also stops called “Grab and Go’s” which have only water/Gatorade and the Porta Potties.
I arrived in DC on Thursday, October 7 at about 12:30. I was picked up by a friend who had arrived earlier. We headed to our hotel to drop off our bags and then went to a Crew Meeting that lasted the rest of the afternoon. We headed back to our hotel and had dinner and then it was early to bed in preparation of a 3:30 a.m. wake up call.
On Friday, October 8, the bus picked us up at our hotel and we headed to Opening Ceremonies at the stadium of the professional baseball team the Washington Nationals. My friend was on a medical team so we separated early. My crew left the stadium at about 5:00 a.m and headed to our first stop which was a park in downtown DC. We set up our tables and refreshments and waited for the walkers to arrive.
The walkers are totally amazing. All shapes, sizes, ages, genders. They come in costumes. They wear signs stating who they are walking in memory or in honor of. There are breast cancer survivors. There are people that are currently undergoing cancer. There was a man with one leg. There was a man dressed like Santa Claus. They are all there for a reason and it is most interesting to visit with the walkers and find out what brought them to the 3-Day.
After our pit stop closed, we had lunch and headed to a later pit stop to help them. Then we headed to camp. Traffic was not kind in DC, and camp was held a ways out of town in Germantown. We did not arrive at camp until close to 7 p.m.
Camp is an experience not to be missed. A sea of small pink pup tents. A giant dining tent. Showers in 18-wheelers. An area called “Main Street” where you can charge your cell phone, get a back or foot massage, or email home. The dining tent each night has entertainment. This year, there was karaoke on Friday night and a dance party to close the evening. On Saturday evening we had a special surprise with country singer Candy Coburn singing “She’s a Pink Warrior” and then Nancy Brinker, the founder of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Saturday night also closed with a dance party. Believe it or not, after walking 40 miles, the walkers still have the energy to get up and dance!
Lights out comes at 9:00 each evening. Sleeping in a two-person pink tent is an experience not to be missed! Luckily we were blessed with wonderful weather the entire weekend. The alarm was set for 4:30 a.m. both nights.
Saturday our crew left camp at 5:15 and headed to our location. We set up our stop and waited for the walkers. Once our stop closed, we took a little ice cream break and headed to a grab & go to help them. We got back to camp earlier on Saturday and got to have showers before dinner!
Sunday we left camp again at 5:15 and headed to town to set up our pit stop. After all the walkers came through, we tore down our stop and had lunch. Then we were able to head to the closing ceremony site. Closing in DC was held at the Washington Monument. Such an amazing backdrop for an amazing experience!
The closing ceremony is a very moving event. The speaker talks to the crowd, and then the walkers all march in together – 2,000 strong. They all wear the “victory shirt” that they receive at the end of the walk. The walkers have on white, the cancer survivors, pink, and the crew, grey. They hold up one shoe as a salute to the brave people battling breast cancer.
The event is exhausting and overwhelming, but it is in my blood. I can’t imagine NOT participating in the 3-Day in some way. I don’t really have a close link to breast cancer at this time and I hope I never do. I walked the first year with a friend who is a 10 year survivor and wanted to walk but didn’t have anyone to walk with so I told her I would walk with her. I was hooked.
This year I was very proud to wear one of the Lanyards for Erin. I will proudly wear it at all future 3-day events! Thank you for the honor.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Crosstown Beaddown Lanyard Workshop

Friday, October 8, 2010 (we will pretend it is an Odd Friday)
4:00pm - 7:00pm
My House (email for directions: vbuenger@mays.tamu.edu)

We are making lanyards this Friday to benefit the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation. It is art/cause/party, but mostly a chance to get together, have fun, and help others. We will string beads to make lanyards, celebrate all our big successes lately, and brain-storm new ways to get lanyards adopted into loving homes. As always, you can bring your favorite snack to share (I'm ordering tamales!). . . and, of course, a friend!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bead-i-licious Lanyard Workshop

If you come to lanyards at my house this Friday, I promise I will do a better job keeping this website updated and fresh!

Friday, September 17, 2010
4:00pm - 7:00pm
My House (email for directions: vbuenger@mays.tamu.edu)

We are making lanyards this Friday to benefit the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation. It is art/cause/party, but mostly a chance to get together, have fun, and help others. We will string beads to make lanyards, celebrate all our big successes lately, and brain-storm new ways to get lanyards adopted into loving homes. As always, you can bring your favorite snack to share. . . and, of course, a friend!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mo Ranch Lanyards Rock!

I finally got to see some photos and finished products from the big lanyard push at Mo Ranch this summer. All summer long campers, ages eight and up, have plied their creative talents to help add to the stock of Erin's Dream Lanyards.

A few of the counselors remembered Erin from when she was there two summer ago and a lot more of them heard about her last summer when she didn't make it back:

From Mo Ranch Slideshow

From Mo Ranch Slideshow

From Mo Ranch Slideshow

These smiling girls are Clarke, Clayton Sue, Charlotte, and Elle, and their faces say exactly what I feel about Mo Ranch!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rip-Roaring and Inspiring Lanyard Workshop

Friday, July 23, 2010
4:00pm - 7:00pm
My House (email for directions: vbuenger@mays.tamu.edu)

We are making lanyards this Friday to benefit the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation. It is art/cause/party, but mostly a chance to get together, have fun, and help others. We will string beads to make lanyards, celebrate all our big successes lately, and brain-storm new ways to get lanyards adopted into loving homes. I'm going to order some tamales from Maria's Tamales. As always, you can bring your favorite snack to share. . . and, of course, a friend!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WOW! Thanks to CTAT!

The Career and Technology Association of Texas (CTAT) have welcomed me and affirmed EDL with their hearts and their pocketbooks! I have sent many, many lanyards to new and loving homes and made some fantastic new friends who would like to support our cause. I have the rest of the day today and tomorrow morning to keep spreading the word and facilitating adoptions!

If you know a teacher, especially one who teaches in one of the many and varied Career Education fields (business/finance, marketing, health science, administration, or guidance), give them a hug and a thank you from me.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trying On a New Design

How do you like the new face of Erin's Dream Lanyards? A little sleeker, still quite green and still full of great ideas.

Take a look around. Click on some links, especially the ones across the top. If you have thought about dipping your toe in to Erin's Dream Lanyard world, but never gotten any further, now is the time. It is easier than ever to order or to get involved in the beautiful world of beads.

If you are inspired, come out to an Odd Friday Lanyard Workshop. We have these every odd dated Friday afternoon/evening (for example, in July on the 9th and the 23rd). Friends of Erin (some who are meeting for the first time) gather to enjoy comradery, beading, light refreshments, laughter, shared creativity, and the joy of contributing to a great cause.

Friday, July 9, 2010
4:00pm - 7:00pm
At Vickie's House (email for directions: vbuenger@mays.tamu.edu)

If you haven't come all summer, think about getting back in the groove this Friday and bring a friend!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Lanyard Time!

Friday, June 25, 2010
4:00pm - 7:00pm
My House (email for directions: vbuenger@mays.tamu.edu)

We are making lanyards this Friday to benefit the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation. It is art/cause/party, but mostly a chance to get together, have fun, and help others. We will string beads to make lanyards and begin planning our summer lanyarding scehdule.

Bring a friend!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

All I Can Say Is Wow!

The more I have a chance teach people the story of Erin and the lanyards, the more I feel it is the right thing to do.

Tim Huchton was the director of Erin's summer camp in 2008. He later put together a great care package of Mo stuff for Erin which she received with delight, even though she never had the opportunity to use much of it. I don't know why he peaked in on Let's Do It! earlier this spring or why he followed the link over to Erin's Dream Lanyards or why he clicked the "Join Our Facebook Group" button, but he did. He ended up in the discussion section, which prompted him to send me a message, asking if Mo Ranch could make Erin's Dream Lanyards at summer camp.

Of course I said Yes!

Then we had to figure out how to get it done. Easy-peasy. I'll just call room service and ask for bead supplies for 350.
Anyway, a few months, a few phone calls, a few emails, and a few hundred miles later, I am at Mo Ranch. The first batch of campers arrive on Sunday. I taught the eighteen camp counselors Erin's story and how to make lanyards. A few of them were at Erin's camp the summer before last, but all of them seemed to appreciate the activity. I hope to have some new facebook friends before the summer is out!

I've said it before, but it bears repeating. I fall in love every time I see a new group of lanyards. These young people filled the Milk Barn (no longer used for its original purpose) with affirmations, encouragement, and some very lovely lanyards this afternoon. I can hardly wait for them to spread the word.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fine Day at Bryan High

I loved every minute of the day I spent lanyarding with the young folks in Anja Schwalen's classes at Bryan high yesterday, AND I once again came away with a generous appreciation of all those dedicated men and women who spend their days with our youth. Six hours of stringing beads should not have left me as tired as I was, but somehow riding herd on the seventy-five or so different personalities that moved in and out of the classroom, explaining the cause, helping them make bead choices that fit their personalities (and also the personalities of potential lanyard owners), and keeping everything moving forward, left me wishing that I had a in-home chef (and masseuse, while we're dreaming).

Frankly, I'm in awe of anyone who, as their career, chooses to hang with teenagers all day and who, after doing so, agrees to go back and do it again the next day!

Thanks to Anja and her colleagues and all the young Vikings who made the day such a great success!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Odd Friday Summer Kick Off Lanyard Workshop

Start your summer fun on Friday!

Stop by to bead lanyards and wish Sarah Radencic good luck in her new job in Mississippi.

When:  Friday, May 21
Time:  3:30-7:30
Where:  My House

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hurray for Lara and the NCL!

Lara W. (Han's mom and lanyard originator!) celebrated a big lanyard jackpot this morning.    Last fall her pal Marlene dreamed up a partnership between The Woodlands/Conroe area NCL (National Charity League) and the lanyard project.  Together they held a series of lanyard workshops and a big Bead-A-Thon over the course of the spring semester.  They held the final workshop this week with the Sustainers group, and we were all very pleased to have had so much interest, such good attendances, a huge number of beautiful lanyards, as well as a large quantity of donated beads with these philanthropic mother/daughter classes.

This morning, Lara learned that the news was even better than she thought.  The group wants to continue our partnership next year, plus they made an outright donation to the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundations of $1000 in honor of the lanyard project.  These fabulous women are great to work with and we look forward to next year!  The amazing thing is that this partnership has focused primarily on just one chapter of NCL (The Woodlands Chapter) and there are several in the area.

Monday, May 3, 2010

PS 122 in Queens Beads!

I'd like to introduce Anastasios, who is my guest blogger this morning.  

Anastasios and his classmates at P.S. 122 have started their on lanyard workshop, thanks to the leadership of their teacher and student council sponsor: Noelia Nunez.

Here's what Anastasios wrote:

Hello, I am an 8th grade student attending P.S.122, in Queens, New York. I write to you to express the extraordinary reaction Erin's story has played on my school community. A teacher of mine was able to learn about your daughter's incredible story and her fight against neuroblastoma cancer. She also showed us Erin's love for lanyards. The response from students was stunning. They all were captured by her will to do as much as she could, despite being diagnosed with the frightening illness she had. Many of my classmates found the need to do whatever they could to help Erin's cause and to help spread her message. Our grateful teacher showed us the art of lanyards, and it quickly caught on. Nearly everyone had their own lanyard, comprised of eye-opening color combination, in which they were working on intricate designs on. Everyone was captured by your daughter's ability to be fearless against her cancer and determined to increase funding for pediatric cancer research.
I would like to thank you and Erin for inspiring my school and I. We were able to grasp the mentality of your daughter, which motivated all of us to do our best to help.We continue to stitch lanyard to continue Erin's work that was left behind. She left this world too early, but, her heart and her soul continues to move all of us, due to her accomplishments. May you continue your efforts to spread your daughter's dream and message. She has certainly left an impact on us.

And a few photos:

Monday, April 19, 2010

More Chances for Lanyards

We're getting ready for the Erin Buenger Memorial Scholarship Garage Sale. We will have a lanyard booth and need help stocking it!

Friday, April 23, 2010
4:00pm - 7:00pm
My House (e-mail for directions, vbuenger@mays.tamu.edu)

Every cent raised goes directly to support children's cancer research. Come on out and bring a friend.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lanyard Workshop

We had to decide whether to mope around this Friday or do something fun. We decided on fun:

Lanyard Workshop
Location: Vickie's House (e-mail for directions)
Time: 4:00PM Friday, April 9th

Friday, March 26, 2010

I Need Your Help

I have a gifted student who has offered to help me (re)design and build a new web page for our lanyard project. You may have noticed that this one isn't so hot in the sense that things are hard to find and it doesn't use space efficiently. It might get a "fail" on other important dimensions as well.

Please take a minute to answer two questions that will help me begin the redesign process. Either leave a comment or email me at vbuenger@mays.tamu.edu .

1. Why did you visit Erin's Dream Lanyards? (choose as many as apply)

  • To make an order
  • Curiosity
  • To find out how to help
  • Followed a link
  • Interested in lanyard stories
  • To see the workshop schedule
  • To download material about lanyards
  • Other (describe)
2. Was there anything you were hoping would be here, but wasn't?

Of course, if you have any other feedback, I'd love to hear it. Believe me, you couldn't offend me by detailing the ways the website needs fixing (confusing, etc.).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break Lanyard Workshop

When: Friday, March 19, 3:00 PM

Where: Vickie's House--4138 Cypress Road

Friends of Erin are invited to stop by and make lanyards this afternoon.

Fun for all ages.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Laguna Lanyarders!

My sister-in-law and nieces planned and hosted a lanyard workshop a couple of weeks ago out in southern california. I really wanted to hop a flight to the west coast and join in! Everything they did was top notch: the assembled talent, the bead choices, the display, the food, and of course the beautiful work they did!

Here's what they wrote me about the experience:

Even though this lanyard party happened just after Valentine's, it actually began at Christmas. Shannon Thornburg gave her mom and sister packets of beads as their gifts. She wrapped them in shiny paper and hung them on the tree like icicles!!

Friends and neighbors of the the Thornburg girls gathered on Friday, February 19th to make lanyards. Everyone had a great time, and Shannon's jambalaya was a big hit!!

And, most importantly, lots of beautiful lanyards were made. It is so fun to see how different each creation is and the endless possibilities, each magnificent in it's uniqueness. This is such a wonderful reflection of Erin and her amazing creativity!!

Hopefully this will be just the first of many.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My work for Erin…

Erin's Dream Lanyard fans,

I have a guest blogger today.  Her name is Virginia, and she is one of my dear internet friends.  Virginia is a young woman, full of life and wonder.  She contacted me by email, even though we had never met, nor had she met Erin. . . even though we had never corresponded. . . even though Italian is her first language, and I know no Italian.  Virginia was a young child when she lost her closest playmate and younger cousin to neuroblastoma.  Now as a teenager, she reached out to me across the Atlantic to try to give me comfort in the loss of Erin and to try to figure out a way to get involved with Erin's Dream Lanyards.  

I am trying to figure out an effective way to help her join the fight against neuroblastoma,  even though she can't conveniently get to one of our workshops.  My first thought was to have her put into words, her passion for the project.  When you read what she writes below, perhaps you will be moved to join us in this fight.  There are so many ways you can help!

My work for Erin…

This morning, when I woke up, at first I didn’t realize it was a sunny day, because after many days of raining, I didn’t hope that the sky could shine again…

So I ran out from my home, and I smelt the perfume of the fresh air, I counted all the rays of sunshine who were playing between the trees, and then I raised my head and I saw the sun.. It was simply wonderful… it might sounds common, but it was shining like it never did before, even after so many bad days… I don’t know why, but that thing made me think about Erin, whose amazing life touched my heart and my soul…

Erin, with her simplicity and joy, was like a young sun that, despite all the heavy and dark clouds who could obscure her life, always found the strength to shine, to fly high with her mind and her dreams, to don’t give up, not even when carry on was difficult and painful… She never let her life slide on her, but she brought with her little but strong fingers all her hopes for the future…

She had the skill to bring the light in the life of who loved her and still loves and remember her…

Her incredible pragmatism and cheerfulness was contagious to me, even though I never met her personally, and the smiles she had in all her photos made me smile, too.

This morning, I could hear Erin’s laugh through the wind, her sparkly eyes in the rays of sunshine, her powerful energy in the brightest light I had ever seen…

I can say Erin is still here… she hasn’t gone forever.. I’m sure of this, because I have a little princess in heaven, now, too… and I still talk to my little angel, I keep her beside me every day, I write to her letters full of smiles and tears, I know she is holding my hand right now, she will never leave my side, and I hope I could see her again someday…


So, Erin is with us in every step of our way, beside us when we go through troubles and we haven’t any hope or strength to carry on…

She still live in the remembrance of all us and it’s our duty not let her life slip and flow away from our hearts…

So join Erin’s project, and in every little bead you’ll hold in your hand, in every string you’ll tie, you will feel Erin’s life essence, her bright spirit and her soul talking and inspiring you…

And if you’ll go out, tomorrow, if you pay attention to the sound of the wind, I’m sure you could hear someone laughing beside you…



P.s. Dear Buenger family, I wrote this essay because I wanted to explain how Erin’s life touched me in my heart… I wish I had had the possibility to know your special girl… I know it might sounds common, but it’s what I truly feel inside.

So have a wonderful day, and let me know if there is something wrong in my work J

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Strange (Not Odd) Friday Lanyard Workshop

I just got a message from our friend and supporter, Robby Bennett, who says he needs lanyards for his sold out Magic Show at the Bayou Theatre on Saturday, March 6. He will have a display in the lobby of the theatre before and between shows. That means we need to gather at my house this Friday (even though it is an Even and not an Odd day). Let me know with a comment or an email if you can be there.

Let's get together and do some beautiful and magical work!

We had two big events last weekend. I'm still waiting on photos but wanted to post at least some teaser information now!

NCL Bead-A-Thon:

Workshop Leaders –4 (three on site and one in absentia)


Lanyards Completed—225+

On-site donations (Time)—200+ hours

On-site donations (Monetary)--$430

On-site donations (Beads)—plenty

Laughs Shared—too many to count

Laguna Niguel Lanyard Party and Happy Hour

Workshop Leaders: 3--Quin, Shannon, and Loren

Beaders: 17

Lanyards: 16

Menu: Jambalaya

Bottles of Wine: ?

Thanks to all the participants for making a difference!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Big Weekend for Beading

We are emerging, slowly but surely, from our winter, mini-hibernation.

We have two big events on the weekend horizon. First, a shout out to all you southern Californians who have had beading on the mind, but no way to get to Texas. This one is for you (click on the link below for a map and details).

Southern California Lanyard Workshop
Friends of Erin (and Quin, Shannon, and Loren) are invited to stop by Quin's house and make lanyards this Friday afternoon. They'll have wine and cheese and chocolate to encourage your beading. Shannon and Loren will show everyone what to do!!! Shannon also promises to whip up something for dinner!!
February 19, 2010 5:30 PM

Also, Quin would probably appreciate an e-mail (email at qthornburg@gmail.com) if you think you might go.

Thanks to Lara W. we will host a Bead-A-Thon in The Woodlands for SIX HOURS on Saturday.

NCL Lanyard Bead-A-Thon in The Woodlands
The National Charity League will gather for a lanyard-making marathon!
February 20, 2010 8:00 AM

Because of the Bead-A-Thon, I can't host my usual Odd Friday Workshop this week. Let's tentatively postpone until the following Friday (February 26).

Sunday, February 7, 2010

NCL Lanyard Workshop in The Woodlands

When: February 28, 1:30 pm

Where: The Woodlands

The National Charity League, Class of 2014 will gather and make lanyards this afternoon.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lanyard Workshop

When: Friday, February 5, 4:00 PM

Where: Vickie's House--4138 Cypress Road

Friends of Erin are invited to stop by and make lanyards this afternoon.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

NCL Lanyard Workshop in The Woodlands

When: Feb. 7, 3:00 pm

Where: The Woodlands

The National Charity League, Class of 2013 will gather and make lanyards this afternoon.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lanyard Workshop

When: Friday, January 29, 2010. 4:00:00 PM

Where: Vickie's House--4138 Cypress Road

Friends of Erin are invited to stop by and make lanyards this afternoon.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fill the Basket!

Erin's Dream Lanyards welcomes a new partner, Jennifer Fountain and The Bead Fountain. With Jennifer's generous support we now have a good source for hardware and some of the specialty items we need to make beautiful lanyards, including perfect gold ribbon (for pediatric cancer) charms.

Next Saturday, January 23rd, Jennifer is hosting a bead show AND ANOTHER BEAD DRIVE for Erin's Dream Lanyards. If beading is your thing, stop by her shop at 1804-D Brothers Boulevard in College Station to check out what she is featuring. While you are there, buy an extra string of beads and drop it in the Erin's Dream Lanyards basket. Let's fill the basket!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why do I bead?

I have never been a particularly crafty person. I don’t quilt, make flower arrangements or scrapbook. Michael’s was a store I drove by on my way to Target. So why do I bead?

Vickie Buenger and I met in Nashville many years ago. We formed an immediate bond since we were both Texas girls (one A&M and one UT). Even when we moved to different cities we continued to visit each other. That is why I was lucky enough to know a red-headed dynamo named Erin.

You know Erin’s story. I watched, hoped and prayed over the years while she fought her disease. I rejoiced and despaired with every up and down.

I joined the beaders after Erin lost her fight with Neuroblastoma. Her picture sits in my office. She has her arm around Scarlet (one of my dogs) and her face beams. That smile rarely left her face. It inspires and motivates me. I want to help fulfill her dream of finding a cure for pediatric cancer – one bead at a time.