Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why do I bead?

I have never been a particularly crafty person. I don’t quilt, make flower arrangements or scrapbook. Michael’s was a store I drove by on my way to Target. So why do I bead?

Vickie Buenger and I met in Nashville many years ago. We formed an immediate bond since we were both Texas girls (one A&M and one UT). Even when we moved to different cities we continued to visit each other. That is why I was lucky enough to know a red-headed dynamo named Erin.

You know Erin’s story. I watched, hoped and prayed over the years while she fought her disease. I rejoiced and despaired with every up and down.

I joined the beaders after Erin lost her fight with Neuroblastoma. Her picture sits in my office. She has her arm around Scarlet (one of my dogs) and her face beams. That smile rarely left her face. It inspires and motivates me. I want to help fulfill her dream of finding a cure for pediatric cancer – one bead at a time.

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  1. hi i go 2 mo ranch and used 2 be good friends with her..god bless you erin