Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Strange (Not Odd) Friday Lanyard Workshop

I just got a message from our friend and supporter, Robby Bennett, who says he needs lanyards for his sold out Magic Show at the Bayou Theatre on Saturday, March 6. He will have a display in the lobby of the theatre before and between shows. That means we need to gather at my house this Friday (even though it is an Even and not an Odd day). Let me know with a comment or an email if you can be there.

Let's get together and do some beautiful and magical work!

We had two big events last weekend. I'm still waiting on photos but wanted to post at least some teaser information now!

NCL Bead-A-Thon:

Workshop Leaders –4 (three on site and one in absentia)


Lanyards Completed—225+

On-site donations (Time)—200+ hours

On-site donations (Monetary)--$430

On-site donations (Beads)—plenty

Laughs Shared—too many to count

Laguna Niguel Lanyard Party and Happy Hour

Workshop Leaders: 3--Quin, Shannon, and Loren

Beaders: 17

Lanyards: 16

Menu: Jambalaya

Bottles of Wine: ?

Thanks to all the participants for making a difference!

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