Monday, May 3, 2010

PS 122 in Queens Beads!

I'd like to introduce Anastasios, who is my guest blogger this morning.  

Anastasios and his classmates at P.S. 122 have started their on lanyard workshop, thanks to the leadership of their teacher and student council sponsor: Noelia Nunez.

Here's what Anastasios wrote:

Hello, I am an 8th grade student attending P.S.122, in Queens, New York. I write to you to express the extraordinary reaction Erin's story has played on my school community. A teacher of mine was able to learn about your daughter's incredible story and her fight against neuroblastoma cancer. She also showed us Erin's love for lanyards. The response from students was stunning. They all were captured by her will to do as much as she could, despite being diagnosed with the frightening illness she had. Many of my classmates found the need to do whatever they could to help Erin's cause and to help spread her message. Our grateful teacher showed us the art of lanyards, and it quickly caught on. Nearly everyone had their own lanyard, comprised of eye-opening color combination, in which they were working on intricate designs on. Everyone was captured by your daughter's ability to be fearless against her cancer and determined to increase funding for pediatric cancer research.
I would like to thank you and Erin for inspiring my school and I. We were able to grasp the mentality of your daughter, which motivated all of us to do our best to help.We continue to stitch lanyard to continue Erin's work that was left behind. She left this world too early, but, her heart and her soul continues to move all of us, due to her accomplishments. May you continue your efforts to spread your daughter's dream and message. She has certainly left an impact on us.

And a few photos:


  1. As a teacher @ PS122 I am proud of all our students who have worked on these lanyards and contributed!! Your daughter's message certainly has made an impact- as have our children... thank you!

  2. Many blessing on these wonderful students. They are beautiful--inside and out.

  3. I am a student at PS122, in the 8th grade. I am proud of myself and my fellow classmates in participating.

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