Friday, March 26, 2010

I Need Your Help

I have a gifted student who has offered to help me (re)design and build a new web page for our lanyard project. You may have noticed that this one isn't so hot in the sense that things are hard to find and it doesn't use space efficiently. It might get a "fail" on other important dimensions as well.

Please take a minute to answer two questions that will help me begin the redesign process. Either leave a comment or email me at .

1. Why did you visit Erin's Dream Lanyards? (choose as many as apply)

  • To make an order
  • Curiosity
  • To find out how to help
  • Followed a link
  • Interested in lanyard stories
  • To see the workshop schedule
  • To download material about lanyards
  • Other (describe)
2. Was there anything you were hoping would be here, but wasn't?

Of course, if you have any other feedback, I'd love to hear it. Believe me, you couldn't offend me by detailing the ways the website needs fixing (confusing, etc.).

1 comment:

  1. 1. I visit the site from time to time as part of remembering Erin and in hopes that sometime I'll get to go to another workshop.

    2. Not really. I enjoy what I find. I suppose it might be helpful to have pictures of individual lanyards.