Monday, October 5, 2009

Erin's Dream Lanyards Go to New York

Allie Maier first learned about Neuroblastoma when a young family friend, Toby Pannone, was diagnosed with the disease. Allie followed Toby’s struggle and the many surgeries and treatments he endured. In honor of Toby, she wanted to help raise awareness and funds for Pediatric Cancer as a part of her “Mitzvah” project in celebration of her Bat Mitzvah. A family friend, Mooki Saltzman, told Allie and her mother about Erin’s Dream Lanyards. Allie had found the perfect project.

Since the Maiers live out of state, Allie’s mom Elissa gathered the necessary information from the Erin’s Dream Lanyards web site to organize the event. On October 2, Allie Maier hosted the first lanyard workshop to be held in New York! Allie began the day by sharing Toby’s story. She then told the group about Erin and her dream of raising funds and awareness with the lanyard project. Allie’s friends jumped in with enthusiasm and created the beautiful lanyards pictured below. They enjoyed it so much that they asked to come back and make more. The workshop turned into a weekend event with other friends and family members joining in the fun. To date the group has created 65 lanyards and they are still going!

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  1. Where in NY is this??? Would love to go and help if I can work it into my schedule. It would be one of the greatest ways I could honor being a part of Erin's life.

    Miss y'all