Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lots of News

I have loads of good news about lanyards and just haven't paused the fifteen minutes I needed to thank everyone for the wonderful work they are doing. This breaks my number one rule, that you can never say thank you often enough.

Since I last updated, we have had three absolutely terrific workshops. Athena F-B and her mom hosted a terrific gathering in Spring, and friends of Alex showed their inner artists by creating some truly beautiful lanyards. Many of these passed quickly into new homes as Athena's natural charm and enthusiasm created a ready market for lanyards at a conference she had at work! Believe me, last week was a big week for lanyard donations!

I also got to spend a couple of hours with Michelle L.'s junior girl scout troop last week. These young women dived into the project with enthusiasm and big ideas and created some of the boldest and most whimsical lanyards I have seen in quite a while. They sat positively rapt while I explained the background of the lanyards and had a lot of questions about Erin and the project. Many of them came up to tell me how "unfair" or "wrong" it was that Erin died, and I had to agree.

Yesterday, a large group from the Student Attitude Committee of the A&M Consolidated Student Council met after school to string lanyards (Extra thanks to Tracy A. and friends of Colby for doing all the advanced planning). Those young folks sure were balm for my flagging attitude (as I had spent the forty-eight hours since my return from Louisville being slapped around by the realities of semester projects, exams, and the general mayhem of semester week eleven). Not only were these Tigers exceptionally prolific and artistic, but they invited us back next week.

I do want to take a minute to talk about Tracy, who has thrown herself into lanyards almost like it was as much fun as hunting and fishing. She has a bold and practiced eye for color and striking bead combinations, and has passed on those skills to Colby and Riley (age 5 and 6) who have much more patience and stick-to-it-iveness than any boys I have met. Tracy is also total energy. In the last two weeks she has worked, kept up with a family with three boys, hunted opening season, held a garage sale with her mom for CNCF, arranged this workshop, and made contact with and had great success introducing lanyards to the staff at St. Joseph's Hospital. I can barely keep her in lanyards and starts, which, if you think about it is a High Class kind of problem to have.

In other lanyard news, Rachel S. has plans for a workshop in her dorm at Texas State University. I can't imagine that college students have the time to bead this time of the semester, but perhaps procrastination is an art. No doubt, everyone will see building beautiful creations as a stress buster instead of a time waster.
I am also working with Kathryn R. to schedule a workshop at the University of Minnesota and with Moureen W. to get a regularly scheduled beading activity started at the YMCA in Pennsylvania.

Kate P. up in Indiana continues to spread the word about lanyards in her neck of the woods. Every time I open an email from her, she is extolling the loveliness of the most recent batch I have sent her and asking if I can send more. I always say YES! Brooke R. in Utah is also spreading the word about the Christian Year Lanyard in her congregation. If you are not too crafty or don't want the hassle of organizing a workshop, consider dropping me a line. I don't mind sending out a set of lanyards for interested folks to show around to their ID badge wearing friends. These lanyards are much more desirable when you see them in person than if you just read about them and then try to explain them to someone.

That brings me to the reminder that this Friday (the dreaded Friday the Thirteenth?) is the first Odd Friday we've had in three weeks. I have missed all my friends terribly, and really hope you can fit me into your schedule after school or after work that day. I have a very large number of special orders that I need experienced beaders to help with. We will also have some newcomers from A&M Consolidated Interact, thanks to Sallyann Z.'s initiative.

For Facebook users who have not yet joined Erin's Dream Lanyards Facebook Group: Join Today! We are 29 members away from breaking 500.

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  1. In the Spring my friend S.G. and I may see about organizing a workshop here in Logan. Not until spring though, because she's teaching her full courseload this semester. It is exciting how Erin's Lanyards are taking off - she'd be thrilled, yes? That activist of yours really did start a movement.

    oh and i followed up with friends about this time of the semester just sucking. they agreed. hang in there, putting one foot in front of the other.