Thursday, December 3, 2009

How Do I Order a Lanyard?

As obvious as it seems to me about how someone might become the owner of one of Erin's Dream Lanyards, I have had some signs lately that what's obvious to me is not necessarily obvious to everyone else who might be lusting after a lanyard.

First, except for the Christian Year lanyard, each and every lanyard is unique and one of a kind. Someone who really cares designs a lanyard that they think someone might love. Once it's made, the (metaphorical) mold is broken.

That means you can't look through the photos, pick a lanyard that strikes you, and order that specific one. Instead, here are some alternatives:

Make a Custom Order:

1. Use the order form on the right side of the EDL main page.
2. Fill in your Personal Details, so I know who to ship to and so that I can contact you if I have questions.
3. Under "Product," specify whether you are ordering a lanyard, manyard (a lanyard with its own bottle-opener attachment), eyeglass chain, key chain, or necklace.
4. Under "Remarks," you can customize your order. Choose your preferred color combination, whether you would like a longer or shorter length and give instructions on style (for example, “delicate," “bold," “asymmetrical”, “manly”, etc.).

Still Can't Decide?

As an alternative to the order form, I can send a photo of available inventory through email (Beware that I am not a very skilled photographer!).

If you live near Bryan, you can stop by and see the lanyards in person.

How Do You Pay?

Please send a check made out to the CNCF (Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation) to

Vickie Buenger
4138 Cypress Road
Bryan, TX 77807


make your donation securely online on the EDL homepage.

You can wait until you receive your lanyard.

How Much?

All of Erin's Dream Lanyards are available for a tax-deductible donation. I send EVERY DIME I receive to the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation to fund a cure for the disease that killed Erin and so many other children. Volunteers donate their time to make all of the lanyards and many also donate beads. Walter and I pay for all the other expenses we incur.

We encourage donations of at least $20 per lanyard, but will accept a minimum of $15.

We guarantee all of Erin's Dream Lanyards and will repair them if they break.

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