Monday, January 31, 2011

Sprucing Up the Place

Erin Dream Lanyards hasn't had a very public face for a few weeks, but loads has been going on behind the scenes.  We are using the winter to build our inventory for several public showings starting next month (check the calendar in the side bar for details).  

We have also started working on making Erin Dream Lanyards a little more user friendly.  You will notice that we have posted several entries in a row, describing various sub-categories of lanyards (you can "share" these on Facebook if you want!)  and at the top of the page is a button to Browse all the lanyard lines.  This is a work in progress!  Please check back regularly.  There are at least a dozen lines waiting for me to take photos of and write descriptions for.  All of this will make it easier to understand what we do around here and to make ordering more than just guess work.  Now the hard part will be making a decision!


  1. I am liking the sample pics. I have had several comments from people wishing they could see more samples, so I think this will help a lot!!

  2. Hi Vickie - Love all the new lines, but when I click on some of them they have an error. Also - the calendar - when I click on those events, nothing happens :(..