Monday, October 17, 2011

Simple Dream Lanyards--Canyon Creek

I usually pitch lanyard workshops to middle school and high school kids.  That was the original working group and it just seems natural.  Last year I started to get more requests to figure out a way for younger children to get involved.

We all know that stringing beads is not rocket science, but artfully stringing beads does take a little forethought and design sense, certainly possible, but not a foregone conclusion in everyone under ten.

After thinking about it a while, I came up with the idea for a Simple Dream Lanyard that even the very young and and inexperienced could make.  We tried it out at the Flaming Arrow YMCA Camp this summer with amazing results, and because we mostly use seed beads, we can price them at a $10 minimum donation.

When I was invited to Canyon Creek Presbyterian in Plano to do a program with their CIA (Children in Action), I loaded up the supplies and headed north.  These lovelies really got after it, and I felt like I had made a roomful of new friends.  The adults of the church did their part on Sunday morning by practically clearing me out of all the lanyards the children made, plus the ones I brought

Here is my precious niece Emma, who adores doing things that let her remember Erin!

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