Tuesday, February 17, 2015


K-Kids "Bead It" Again!

Lanyard Workshop - Henderson Elementary

 Blog by Marcia Miculek - 2/7/15

What a beautiful Saturday morning we had  at Henderson Elementary to work with fantastic students to make lanyards for a great cause.  Not only will the lanyards raise money for research to help find a cure for pediatric cancer, but they will also be used at Erin's Dream Race for awards!  (Link to Register for the 5K and explore information about Erin Channing Buenger: http://erinsdreamrace.strikingly.com

Vickie Buenger explained to the students about certain lanyard making rules and then they listened    to her explain how important their time and help would be in the fight against childhood cancer.

These K-Kids worked miracles with their cup of colorful beads and transformed them into fun and quaint lanyards.  Big smiles showed their pride in doing the beading for a great cause and you could see the enthusiasm about their finished products on their faces!

Both parents and teachers helped the students, and some of them even produced a lanyard while assisting at Erin's Dream Lanyard  workshop.  In the end bunches of beautiful and whimsical lanyards were created and all the funds from this go 100% to RESEARCH to find treatments and cures.  Erin Buenger accomplished so much in her short life while fighting neuroblastoma cancer.  She lobbied Congress, raised money privately, and created this lanyard making business to help other children that had cancer.  The RACE on March 8th will HONOR HER LIFE



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