Monday, June 6, 2011

Erin's Dream Necklace!

This beautiful face belongs to my new friend and also one of my most recent partners at Erin's Dream Lanyards.  Okay, so she didn't make an EDL.  She made an EDN. N = necklace.  She and my digital friend Brooke ( collaborated to make this lovely necklace for her eight-year-old cousin's baptism gift. 

Did you know that collaborate is one of my favorite verbs?

She designed the pattern and strung the beads while Brooke did the dull work of holding the wire and the skilled work of crimping.  Oh, and here's something REALLY sweet about the necklace. At the bottom - you'll see she's got a big square bead, then a diamondy like bead - on both sides, a pink one (on both sides), then - a green one - on both sides. She wanted the green beads there so that they would be seen, because of Erin. This little girl doesn't fully get Erin's story, but she knows that Erin did something really wonderful for kids with cancer, and so she wants Erin to be easily seen in the necklace by anyone who sees her cousin wearing it. 

Shall I send you some beads, so you can join the fun and the passion?

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