Thursday, June 16, 2011

Presbyterian Women's Conference(s)

I wish I could explain how humbling it is to have someone approach me out of the blue and ask me to do a lanyard workshop.  Thanks to Chris Laufer and the planning team for the Presbyterian Women's Conference at Mo Ranch, I had the opportunity to meet and teach women from all over the state at this summer's conference.  My fellow club members who have lost precious children to cancer will understand the passion and power of this year's conference:

Hope Beyond Tears:
Mourning and Crying
and Pain Will Be No More

If you have eyes to see it, you’ll find it
everywhere these days. Suffering—whether it’s in
our daily lives or on television—appears with unwavering
regularity. So where does the promise of
Revelation 21:4 fit in here? Join us this summer at the
2011 Mo-Ranch Women’s Conference as we wrestle
with the themes of suffering and hope through
keynote addresses, worship services, and
workshops. And as always at this beautiful
place, there’s plenty of free time in
which to ponder or play.

Imagine how much I appreciated being part of this incredible conference.  These ladies were amazing!  Thank you so much for including me in your plans.


  1. such smart women those presby chickas are :) so glad they included you. i forget - is there a national presby women's conference? if so the organizers of the tx presby women's conference should pull some strings and get you and erin there too (in my not so humble opinion that is)

  2. Nice to know that. These ladies are really great. My best wishes to all of you.