Saturday, January 28, 2012

Invited Back to Seguin

The Matadors of Seguin High HOSA club welcomed us back again this year.  

So, the day after my first Bush Library workshop, I drove three hours to a school in Seguin where some young high school kids stayed after school on a Friday afternoon to make wands.  It got to be 5:30 and I was facing a long, dark ride home, and they just wouldn't let me leave.  "Oh, I have an idea for another one!", "Just eight more and we'll have a hundred!", "Can't you just tell your husband you'll come home tomorrow?", ""Tell me more about Erin and Will!"

These compassionate young people have a heart for helping and an eye for art!  I am glad that they are all on track (with a few more years of education under their belts) to be health care professionals.

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