Saturday, February 18, 2012

Erin's Dream Wands

I have been looking for a way to extend our reach and help any pediatric cancer research effort.  Erin's Dream Wands are one possibility.  

We have been playing around with this idea since last fall when we gave the wands a successful try at Max's Ring of Fire Lemon Run in San Diego.  You also may have seen them at the lighting of the childhood cancer Christmas tree sponsored by the American Childhood Cancer Organization in DC in December.  We have also been building towards FOW's Cure Me!  I'm Irish next month in Boston.  My new BFFs at Cure Me (Becky and Jen!!!) collaborated to make this flyer.  I think this captures so much about what we are all trying to do.  Let me know if you want a wand and I'll ship you one (or more) and send your donation to Cure Me! If your group is planning a pediatric cancer research fundraising event and you want to add Dream Wands to the line up to support your efforts, let me get on your schedule!

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