Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just Bead It!

K-Kids Lanyard Workshop at Henderson Elementary

Guest Blog by Marcia Miculek – 1/30/2014

It was a real treat for me to assist Vickie Buenger in a lanyard workshop benefitting the Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation.  The library was filled with K-Kids, teachers, parents, and a lot of enthusiasm to string beads into quirky and artistic lanyards.  

It was amazing to watch the students work on patterns, colors, and shapes as dedicated beaders for Erin’s Dream Lanyard cause.  Success was the storyline of the workshop and the K-Kid’s pride in their finished products was evident in their smiles and anxious spirits to try them on.  

I always think music…so to play a little with Michael Jackson’s song “Beat It”…I titled this blog “Bead It” and quote his lyrics, “No one wants to be defeated…Showin’ how funky strong is your fight…Just beat it”.  This became our fight today to help with funding to find a cure by working on a lanyard to JUST BEAD IT!


  1. Just bead it! I love it!

  2. Last weekend at Touch A Truck in San Diego I bought a beautiful purple lanyard made by Joanie. I added a charm and now I wear it as a necklace for Erin and my son Dustin who we lost at nine months back in 1992. God love them both. XOXO Lisa