Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Just String It...Twice!

Lanyard Workshops - Bryan HS & Wesley Foundation  

 Blog by Marcia Miculek -  3/24/14

The first workshop of the afternoon took place at Bryan High School with students in the Key Club and NHS members.  Many of these students were friends with Erin and were very enthusiastic to be a part of this lanyard walk down memory lane.  With lots of planning and bead selection the start strings began to reflect fantastic patterns, colors, and even family cancer tributes represented by certain bead choices.

Erin's Mom Vickie Buenger makes the workshops educational with updates about pediatric cancer statistics and current information about research, drug treatments, and funding data.  All money for the lanyards goes 100% to the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer foundation.  She makes the workshops great fun and treasures the help to keep Erin's special project rolling.  

The second workshop for the day was at the Wesley Foundation in College Station with a group of college women determined to make a difference by sharing in the lanyard making process to help fund research and a cure for Neuroblastoma.  Many more whimsical and artistic creations got finished during the evening and these students wanted to buy their beaded lanyards for friends, parents, or themselves.  They inspired each other with their creations and Vickie definitely provided a motivational impetus for the urgency to do a better job in finding drugs to cure pediatric cancers.




 Just Design It!


MacArthur Lanyard Workshop

 Guest Blog by Marcia Miculek - 2/27/14

The student council members of MacArthur High School met in their cafeteria to make beaded lanyards to raise money for the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation.  A lot of special designs were planned and beads carefully selected to create color patterns and unique shape sequences.  The students were instructed about the pediatric cancer research and funding needs related to finding new drugs to treat children and better hopes for cures.  Students and teacher sponsors worked together to complete beautiful lanyards to raise money for Erin's Dream Lanyard Project. 


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